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The 2nd annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby is here!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Sign up and more information at www.bkuaa.com


BKUAA 1st Annual Derby award recipient John Piacquadio *finally* receives award

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

John Piacquadio receiving his award from Jamie Potter

2009 Brooklyn Fishing Derby co-organizer James Potter was able to catch up with John Piacquadio, one of the award-winning anglers who was mysteriously absent during the time of the awards ceremony, at the Orvis Store on 5th Ave in Midtown.  John won a delicious dinner for two at the amazing Rabbit Hole bistro on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg.

Sunday Final Party!

Friday, November 6th, 2009

closingparty_flyer2Hey guys!
Our closing party is this Sunday the 8th and 7PM at the Brooklyn Ale House
Be sure to be there for drink specials, fish, awards, and videos!

Night Crawling…

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Tuesday 11/03/2009

friend of BKUA #013 pulling with a fat striper in Greenpoint Monday night

BKUA #013 with striper caught at same spot

email from Brooklyn Urban Angler #013

if had fallen into the water where we were fishing tonight it would have been good night for good. met up with fishing buddy, “G”, by chance at the Greenpoint spot. we snuck onto the pier and fished from there. fish were jumping literally right below our feet but it took a while to figure out something they wanted to eat. we each caught two nice stripers, mine a 22″ and a 24″ and G’s second one about 28″ and fat. i don’t know what his first fish was. the guy is seriously totally fucking fearless. we met up with “J” on our way out and went down to Williamsburg to the end of *** street and out onto that walkway in the middle of the water. super crazy out there. i think it might be abandoned, or at least not in use anymore. if we go out there you’ll see why. friend disappeared for a few minutes and came back with another fish. crazy guy haha. made some plans with J to meet up again in Greenpoint tomorrow night. hope we can figure out what they’re hitting… looks like schools of minnows up close to shore, but further along the pier there were big bluefish and some bass. caught ours on some white storms (me) and a silver ratl-trap. the fish are out there!

photo from a “remote” new spot…

“on deck” at a new spot in Williamsburg

the BIG ONE…

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

WHOAH!! No, this guy is not 3 feet tall. Nor are his arms really, REALLY long. This guy is John Ruffino - the current Derby leader - and John is holding the 40″ striped bass he caught off Gantry pier in LIC. Congratulations John. Now the rest of us have our work cut out - 5 days left people, let’s go!!!

Brooklyn Fishing Derby : Opening Night

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


Episode Derby Opening Night
Location: Brooklyn
Recipe: Recipe Here
The description of the episode goes here.


Sunday Oct 25 Fish’n'Meet!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Everyone rallied and some got lucky at this past Sunday’s fishing and meetup in Williamsburg…

Mel Smothers showing us how it’s done - back-casting!

Maria teaching a new angler

More sage words from Maria

Brooklyn Urban “Dangler” Chad pondering his last cast

air raid!

Kaile holding it down

Thomas… pondering life in the Big Apple

Mel again demonstrating perfect form

Waterfront Sunset..

Cara and Mina, game faces

happy anglers : )

Mel recounting his days racing hot-rods

Catch-it, Cook-it, Eat-it is on the air!!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Ben Sargent kicks off his new fishing, cooking AND eating radio show on Heritage Radio Network.


Derby gets press in the NY Daily News!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Here’s a quick screen grab, click on it to go to the article:

Daily News says:

Brooklyn Fishing Derby has them angling for the prize

Tuesday, October 20th 2009, 4:00 AM

This competition is the reel deal.

The first annual month-long Brooklyn Fishing Derby is in full swing, beginning just as a state fishing law requires all New York anglers to be licensed.

“Talk about timing,” said Ben Sargent, 32, a former Williamsburg restaurant owner and organizer of the fishing derby, which runs along the East River shoreline from Red Hook to Long Island City. “How do you like my luck here?”

The derby and its 60 competitors started Oct. 1, the same day the license requirement became law, and many Brooklyn anglers aren’t hooked on the idea of having to dish out $10 to fish in New York waters.

“It’s now a privilege to go fishing,” said Sargent, a lifelong fisherman and co-founder of the Brooklyn Urban Anglers fishing club. He has not yet purchased a license.

“They’re only doing this to make money on licenses and to make money on ticketing you. Nobody’s been caught yet, but there’s a lot of guys in protest who are just not going to get licenses.”

Fishing club co-founder James Potter, 36, agreed, saying: “It’s just another barrier for people who live in a big borough to get out and enjoy themselves in public water.”

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is in charge of issuing licenses and ticketing violators. A ticket can cost up to $250 and 15 days in jail.

“For the next three months, through December, we’re issuing warnings and trying to educate. If they’re out there every day fishing without a license, then they’ll get a ticket,” said DEC spokeswoman Lori Severino.

But Severino conceded that only three special DEC marine enforcement officers were patrolling New York City waters in boats, warning fishermen. They are aided by an additional 20 environmental conservation officers on land.

In Kings County, 6,956 anglers have already bought the state license, making up 14% of permitted fishermen statewide.

“I guess in New York people are very concerned about the laws and that you’re obeying them all the time,” said Mel Smothers, 62, a Bushwick artist and avid fisherman who learned about the new state rule when he signed up for the derby, and bought a license shortly afterward.

The competition was extended through the first week of November to allow more time for anglers to catch large bluefish and striped bass as they pass through New York waters on their way south to the Chesapeake Bay.

The derby, labeled the “common man’s fishing competition” by Sargent, is all catch and release. There are no boats allowed and all participants are free to fish whenever they like, as long as they provide video or photo proof of their catches.

So what’s the final prize? Sargent said he’s hoping to get one of the derby’s 30 local sponsors to pitch in “prizes that are over the top. Like a wheel of cheese.”

Photo Submissions

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Mel Smothers member #023 stings some more stripers Oct 19, 2009

Striped Bass 19″

Striped Bass “little hooker”

Striped Bass 19″

Striped Bass 14″

Striped Bass 19″

More Cool Fishing Shots

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

BKUAA Member holding down N5th Pier

Potter BKUAA #004 baiting the hook

Photos From The Staff Fishing Oct 7th part2

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

A real New Yorker fishing
We Call That Lunch
Every Body Loves Fishing
Put The Bait On Thick
a 12″er Striper

Not Derby Submission But Still Cool

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

John Piacquadio Member number 033 caught two strippers on Governors Island Oct 1st
Not derby legit but still some cool photos of fish out of the east river!
19″ Striper
22″ Striper

Good Job John… Keep Hookin’

Photo Submission

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Mel Smother Member #023 - Caught on October 5th


Photos From The Staff Fishing Oct 7th

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Maria’s First Fish

Good Cast
The Crabs Were Biting
Great Form


A Nice 7″er for Bruno

Letter from Mel…The one catching all the fish…On a fly rod!!!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I hooked into a big fish tonight, so they are there with those little guys.

Darn thing took out most my flyline and then bit off the fly. Just a early reminder that I can’t use the same size line that I use in mountains for delicate trout. As sporting, and fair to the fish that may be in the flyfishing catch and release club, these East River bruisers don’t give a f____.

So I’m going back to 20lb fat line and a steel tippet for tomorrow evenings rematch. This is war.

Hope you don’t mind Mel…I had to let everyone know the big ones are out there! Thanks for setting the standard in this competition! If you guys can’t catch a bigger fish on a surf casting rod…with bait than Mel is catching on a little fly rod with a fly…you all need a lesson from Mel!

Derby Photo Submission

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Mel Smother Member #023 - Caught on October 3rd
16″ Striper
16″ Striper
Flounder Size unknown

Great catch but unfortunately no way to confirm the size.
Remember every one you need to take the picture with the measuring tape beside it.

The First Sunday of the Derby!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

So we were out there in full effect with gang of BKUAA members! We slayed them but no keepers surprisingly we got a lot of monk fish. Check out some of the photos.
Ugly Fish aka Monk Fish
Denton The Master Angler
Were Going for the Big Ones
The Hi Low Rig

Here’s some pic’s the opening night at Dream Tackle

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Brooklyn Bait
The Official Members T-shirt
Sinkers & Fish Finders… what a purty picture
Smoked Blue Fish
Mike and Maria holding it down at the front counter
The front side of the members t-shirt *model James Potter
Robert-BKUAA Member and Dream Fishing and Tackle owner
Ben Sargent-BKUAA President and Smoked Stripper
Tasty Smoked Fish
Every one check your knives at the door please!

Oct 4th…

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

I’m still in bed…Its almost 11am on Sat. and I can’t seem to get up and go out fishing! I had a plan to do a 6am dawn patrol but did not end up falling to sleep till about 3am. Anyway, the good news is my buddy mike is coming to get my ass out of bed. He has a new stick he is excited to try out…So we are going down to the new pier in Williamsbug to steal Denten’s spot on the very end. I think he said he was going back to the islands for a little while…So this is a good time to move on in. Ha! Besides there is a chance of catching some fish now! I’m pulling myself out of bed now…quick stop over at Peter pan for a doughnut and a coffee…Will say hi to Robert and pick up some bunker. See you on the pier! -B

Derby Open!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Thanks everyone for coming out last night! It was a blast to hang with you all and talk a little fishing! The derby is open…I have heard rumors of fish caught this morning however have not seen the proof just yet! The New York Times did a nice article about the derby and the opening party I will post a link to in a few min! Sorry if my fish smoking skills were not exactly top notch last night…I should have plenty of practice over the next month. Hold on…Isn’t the derby Catch and Release? Well, once again thanks for all the help and I look forward to posting the first fish!!! Go get em! -B


sarah’s striper

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

The Pre-Derby season has begun. Sarah Obraitis in Pre-Derby warm ups landed a 22 inch Striper. The fish was only 6″ under the legal limit and gave Sarah a nice fight. The location was an unspecified pier in Long Island City. Though the smaller fish are being caught further up the river right now it appears they are plentiful!

Chefs Charles Antonie Crete and Hugue Dufour of Toque Restaurant in Montreal were in attendance but caught nothing! Hugue is known for his Canadian Food Network show all about hunting and fishing so he did not want to comment on having caught no fish next to Sarah who had never fished before in her life.

“Nice fish Mama” was the only comment we got from John (last name he would not say) who also specified that he “owns that pier when it comes to fall fishing!” Not a bad start to the season in my book!

kick off date!

Monday, September 21st, 2009

1st Annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby is set to kick off October 1st at 6:00pm !

Hey Guys,

So it’s official. The Derby will open on Thrusday the 1st of Oct at 6pm! All members and non-members should meet at Dream Fishing Tackle (673 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222) to take part in the swear-in. This is not a pledge…Just a friendly reminder to everyone that we will be sportsman and follow the outlined rules of the Derby. Robert, the owner of the tackle shop will be there to answer any and all questions and supply you with all the equipment you will need. Members will receive their T shirts on opening night at the tackle store between the hours of 6pm - 10pm. You will be able to sign up at that point if you have not done so already and all members will eat free as usual. When all the official stuff is taken care of we will cross the street to Stone Tavern to do some drinking and fighting! We will have a local Blue Fish and Striped Bass on the menu smoked all day which I think you will all enjoy! Any details not answered in this email can be found on the site brooklynchowdersurfer.com See you all on Thursday! If anyone is down for a little night fishing after the party we will be heading down to the pier on N. 5th Street and Kent. (please do not drink if you intend to fish later in the night) Feel free to forward this invite to friends who love to fish…or at least love to talk about fishing! I’m very excited to hang out with all of you and catch a way bigger fish than any of you! -Ben

Opening day celebration will be held at the Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club.
Check back soon for more party details!

In the mean time visit the sign up page to get yourself registered…