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Fourth Annual Rockaway Boil

September 1st, 2009


Fourth Annual Rockaway Boil
Location: Rockaway Beach
Recipe: Recipe Coming Soon!
The Brooklyn Chowder Surfer takes us out the the fourth annual Rockaway Boil. Jambalaya, crab legs, and shrimp we’re doing the south in the north!

2 Responses to “Fourth Annual Rockaway Boil”

  1. Ron and Erika Farrell Says:

    please let us know when you come to rockaway( we live in breezy point). we saw your bahamian monk fish stew w/ bobby flay and would love to see the goods. my husband just made some delicious ipa homebrew–we could trade! btw born and raised here- we know the best surf spots in rockaway if you are nice!
    -ron and erika

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