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A Knife, A Lemon, and A Fast Wave

February 24th, 2009


Conch Ceviche and Shark Empanada
Margarita Island , Venezuela
Mission: Sargent jets to Venezuela to eat raw conch and shark in a little dough package and catch fast waves breaking in two feet of water.

Maribel, the owner of Caracas, a Venezuelan restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village, invites Ben to meet her on the islands of Miranda State in her home country, for Conch Ceviche. At an isolated surf break, Maribel meets Ben with a knife and a lemon in hand. After Ben has his ass handed to him in fast, shifty beach break, they snorkel for giant conch and make the sweet and tangy ceviche. The meal is filled out with shark empanadas from the best local stand and Ben returns home loaded with menu ideas!

Cabon (shark) empanada with erepa dough

Take one small shark (one pound)
Poach in boiling water for ten minutes and remove meat.
Saute meat for ninety seconds with Sofrito (red bell pepper, habanero chili, sweet garlic,
cilantro, red onion and fresh oregano) and achiato for color.

2 cups corn flower, one half teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups water, one teaspoon molasses
Mix salt with flour, slowly stir in wet ingredients. Roll out dough into hand-sized circles, fill with shark filling, fold into half moon shape and pinch edges.

Botlito (conch) ceviche
One Large Conch (Carribean Conch is Best but Atlantic will work fine if tenderized)
One Large Lemon
One Large Red Onion
One clove of garlic
Honey or Sugar
One Orange (For Zest)
Coconut Milk (just a little)
Pepper of some kind (Serrano, jalapeno)

Remove conch meat by breaking shell on rock, and cut into small chunks. Mix cilanto, red
onion, garlic, mint, honey, orange zest and lemon juice in bowl with meat so that liquid covers
the meat Leave one day in fridge and serve cold. All this can be put together at home but on
the beach we just put the lemon on thin slices of conch and eat it like that.

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