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Rocks, Reefs, and Crayfish

March 9th, 2009


Cray Sandwich
Yellingup, Australia
Mission: Ben treks way out to the West Coast of Oz for some near misses on the scariest rock reefs he’s seen and enormous “crayfish” sandwiches.

Ben treks to the little town of Yellingup, on the seriously isolated West coast of Oz, for scary waves and an Aussie “Crayfish” sandwich. At a break called 3 bears, the waves break in a foot or two over the jagged rock reefs. Ben, miraculously, tears it up and escapes unscathed. At the Surfside restaurant he discovers that a “crayfish” in Oz is actually a giant lobster, The sandwiches are packed with serious
lobster meat and a crazy mix of secret sauce. Delicious.

The next day Ben goes out Salmon fishing with Neil Poore, an odd local with the softest hands in the country from his job handling wool. Neil takes Ben drop line fishing and they land a pair of ten-pound salmon in the ocean. On the way in Neil guns the boat into a wave and they drop into a 10ft barrel – in a little fishing boatl!! They survive the craziest wave of Ben’s life and he learns the secrets of grilling Oz salmon with a bizarre mix of outback herbs and spices.

Large lump grilled lobster
Fresh baguette
Ground Lemon Myrtle

Mix spices into mayo and slowly blend with lobster meat. Lightly toast baguette on grill and fill liberally with lobster mix.

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