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Punk Rock and Cajun Shrimp

March 9th, 2009


Cajun Shrimp
DelMarva, Maryland
Mission: Punk rock Cajun shrimp and pounding hurricane surf with Chef Shakes and his tattoo collection.

Watch as Sargent uncovers some epic hurricane surf just before hurricane Katrina makes landfall. Meet the Rockabilly Chef Shakes: a real oil rigger from Maryland with an amazing recipe for shrimp. Check out Shakes’ wild tales from working as a line cook in the Marines and hear all the stories of abuse and mistreatment! Also, learn a few on-board tricks of the trade in using a little beer, some crab boil and a
colander to steam up some big-time authentic Cajun tiger Shrimp!

Can Sargent handle Katrinas waves? The real question is: can Sargent Handle Chef Shakes Shrimp!!!

RECIPE: Cajun Shrimp
24 jumbo tiger shrimp
2 cans Budweiser beer
1 package Seafood Boil
(out of the package is
mandatory for Shakes
Rockabilly cooking)
Old Bay seasoning
3 Bay leaves
1 large Onion
1 Garlic clove

Boil 5 cups water, add seasonings and beer.
Place shrimp in steamer or metal colander
and steam shrimp until pink.

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