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Porgy and Fishhooks, OUCH!

March 9th, 2009


Porgy Sashimi
Montauk, NY
Mission: Ben braves the flying lures of surf casters on the rocks to surf big storm swell at the lighthouse point then slices up some fresh porgy and eats it by hand.

On this episode of the BCS watch Sargent surf the infamous Montauk Point on the night of a wild Nor Easter. Starting in the East River of Brooklyn, Ben sails out to Montauk on a 27-foot Bristol with Captain Lawrence and First Mate Chris as they convince Sargent to try their Porgy Sashimi. “A sailor has to know how to survive if he is caught out at sea…We have had some bad crossings, and needed extra food at times…Its really a good fish for a little Sahimi. I’m surprised the Japanese haven’t started using these yet.” Learn the tricks of Porgy survival prep and some
stories of NY passages up the east river with out a motor and one small jib!
Nice big waves a fish hook in elbow.

RECIPE: Porgy Sashimi
1 fresh Porgy, any size
1 sharp knife
Crackers, of you’re lucky

Slice Porky finely and eat.

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