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Head High Surf, Pro Surfer Babes and Shrimp.

March 9th, 2009


Salvador De Bahia
Mission: Mission hereHead high surf, pro surfer babes and little shrimp patties…The BCS has found his heaven!

On this episode of the BCS, Sargent pulls off the road after a day of wonderful head high surf and a wonderful womens longboading competition…Tired and hungry Sargent Spots a few fishermen mending their nets but whats that smell…hot oil someting fried? What could it be…seafood? Theres a good bet in this little surf fishing town! Yes, A tall mahogony,gracful black women is sitting at a tabel with a white linnen cloth…she wears a white lace tunic and a lacy turban…she has a jangle of beads, crosses and chains and braclets…she’s the one making this
wonderfullocal Acaraje. She is known as the best in town. A couldren of dende oil bubbles at her side…shes overseeing little pans geaming with hot oil, batter, baby shrimp, and spices…this is Acaraje. And this is the daugter of one of the best fisherman in town…Dont tell her you dont like her Acaraje her father will kill you says a local with a smile. Not true…it cant be the people are wonderful…and this dish is one of the best! its a mixture of dried beans called fradinho, peeled mashed and mixed with ground dried shrimp. She lifts the hot patty out of the oil and blots it on some paper towl…she breaks open the middle of the patty and fills it with 3 large shrimp…

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